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Test Reports

Connectivity between LabVIEW and other applications on a PC means that the user no longer have to manually enter tables of results in order to generate test reports. Now you can automatically populate pre-configured reports with your test data which, eliminates all transcription errors and speeds results analysis. Furthermore, the results can be shared over networks so they get to where they are needed, helping you to make better business decisions.

We can help you to created and/or automate

  • Customer Acceptance Reports
  • Quality Analysis Reports
  • Pass/Fail Reports
  • Diagnostic Analysis Reports
  • Database integration

We can work with you to configure your reports and write the software to link them to your test, measurement and automation processes.

Test Specification Generation

We can assist our customers in preparing Production Test Specifications, Test Requirement Specifications and Maintenance Test Specifications.

Production Test Specifications

Preparation of test specifications to provide production performance verification tests for Unit Under Test.

Test Requirement Specifications

Preparation of test requirement specifications, to verify that the UUT functions correctly and is fit for use.

Maintenance Test Specifications

Preparation of test specifications detailing the tests required to determine the UUT's performance, coupled with diagnostics to isolate failing modules.

What ever your ATE needs are please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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