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Datawarehousing and Cognos Consultancy

Priman 2000 is an independent company that can provide consultants for a wide variety of Datawarehouse applications. We have a comprehensive working knowledge of COGNOS (Impromptu, PowerPlay, IWR, PowerPlay Enterprise Server), SQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Datawarehousing. Our independence ensures that we can use the best tools for the job, on budget and on time.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to work as closely as possible with our customers, to fully understand how they work and how they want their Datawarehouse systems to perform. Without this level of understanding we do not believe that a Datawarehouse system can be designed, developed and perform to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our consultants are your point of contact; if you have any Datawarehouse or Cognos related queries please contact us.

We are always happy to help and remember our initial consultation is free.

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