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P2k-Lnx64 Series Preloaded Linux PCs and Servers.

Our P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs are configured for home or business users looking for a capable no trills Linux PC and /or Server that offers the current technology at a great price. The P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs and Servers comes with AMD 64 Bit Processors and one of the following Linux distribution preloaded and configured; Debian or Ubuntu.

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P2K-Lnx64-D [GNU/Linux Preloaded Desktop PC] Base System

AMD AM3 Athlon II X2 / 2048MB DDR3 / 250GB SATA / DVDRW / USB2 / Onboard Video, Audio and LAN. [ Price From : £273.18 ]

The P2K-Lnx64-D is ideal as an office desktop PC for businesses or for home users who wants to try and/or make the switch to the GNU/LINUX with minimum hassle and cost. The PC has limited upgradeablity (2 PCI slots and 1 PCI-E slot free)

Home Usage:

The PC is well equipped for typical home usage;
Surf the Internet, send and receive emails. Play Cds, MP3s, movies (avi-mpg) and games,
download digital camera/cam pictures/movies, write CD/DVDs, write/edit documents, spread sheets and presentations.

Business workstation;

Write/edit documents, spread sheets, presentations, send-receive emails and surf the Internet.

P2K-Lnx64-DS [GNU/Linux Preloaded Desktop / Server PC ] Base System

AMD AM3 Athlon II X2 / 2048MB DDR3 / 250GB SATA / DVDRW / USB2 / Onboard Video, Audio and LAN. [ Price From : £337.98 ]

Businesses Usage:

The P2K-Lnx64-DS is specifically configured to be used as a small office server or a standalone powerful workstation.

Home Usage:

The P2K-Lnx64-DS range PCs are also ideal for home power users whose computing needs are higher than every day common computing tasks.

Who are the Linux PCs for.

Home users
The P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs are well equipped for typical home usage such as surf the Web, send and receive emails, chat with your friends, run common office applications, all in an easy and convenient way free of the viruses, pop-ups, spyware and spam plagues. Linux is also packed with multimedia applications. It's very easy to play Cds, MP3s, watch videos, use digital cameras, edit pictures, compose music, edit audio files, use it for design, 3D modeling, rendering and of course, to play Linux Games.

Business users
The P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs and/or Servers are also great value for money PC systems for business use, to run common Linux based, and usually Free, office applications. And all this features comes free of viruses, pop-ups, and spyware plagues.

What is GNU/Linux?

In short GNU/Linux is a fully-featured operating system. Linux operating system originally developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Today GNU/Linux is a collective product of millions of users and thousands of developers. It offers a fully-featured operating system, equipped to serve in any capacity from desktop workstation to machine-room server. Web, ftp, and email servers are included in most distributions and are ready to use, as well as a wide range of popular desktop programs. A full range of development tools, editors, and current libraries are included for users who wish to develop or compile additional software. The only limit is your creativity.

What’s more all these are free under The GNU General Public License (GPL). (Please read this article: What Does Free Mean?).

Download, buy a distribution package or buy a Preloaded Linux PC?

There are numerous Linux distributions available for download on the Internet. Any of these can be downloaded and installed by anyone. If you don't want to download and/or require support, the official distribution packages can be purchased and installed from the CDs/DVD's received. However, especially if you are new to GNU/Linux, there are a number of advantages of buying a preloaded Linux PC:

What Will I get with my Preloaded Linux PC?

Click here to see detailed information about the configuration and installed packages of our P2K_Lnx series Preloaded Linux PCs.

How to Order a P2K_Lnx Linux PC?

First of all please read this What Will I get with my Preloaded Linux PC?
Next please read our Terms and Conditions about warranties and support.
If You happy with these please Proceed to : How to Order?


We can also help you to upgrade your existing system so you can run Linux. If you would like a quotation please contact us us with your specification or explain your needs so we can recommend you possible upgrade options.

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