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P2k-Lnx64 Series Preloaded Linux PCs and Servers.

Our P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs are configured for home or business users looking for a capable no trills Linux PC and /or Server that offers the current technology at a great price. The P2k-Lnx64 series Preloaded Linux PCs and Servers comes with AMD 64 Bit Processors and one of the following Linux distribution preloaded and configured; Debian or Ubuntu.

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P2K-Lnx64-D [GNU/Linux Preloaded Desktop PC] Base System

AMD AM3 Athlon II X2 / 2048MB DDR3 / 250GB SATA / DVDRW / USB2 / Onboard Video, Audio and LAN. [ Price From :