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Data Acquisition System Design and Programming

Nowadays, the power of computers combined with the flexibility of LabVIEW and the vast number of readily available instruments can provide an excellent and flexible basis for computer-based Data Acquisition System. This flexible approach delivers high functionality at lower cost than many conventional instrumentation form factors of the past.

We can offer you consultancy and support at different levels to suit your Data Acquisition System needs.

Complete Turn-Key Data Acquisition System

A complete custom Data Acquisition System will be developed to suit your specific needs. We can identify your hardware needs, from computer specification to any signal conditioning and cabling requirements and develop the software to give you a user-friendly Turn-Key system. Furthermore, by using LabVIEW we can put much of the system functionality in the software so it can easily be changed or enhanced for future applications without any hardware modifications.

Existing Data Acquisition System Modifications

We can help you to modify your existing system, hardware and/or software, to meet new requirements. This will include system analysis, signal input/output specification, instrumentation selection/specification and re-programming of the system. Also we can help you to upgrade or replace your old software with a LabVIEW based software.

What ever your ATE needs are please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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